Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book on Pettorano War History

My friend Chris Cutler recently emailed me to let me know about a book written by former Pettorano sul Gizio resident Sebastian A. Santucci.  While looking for the book, I found this description:  During the second war, the town of Pettorano sul Gizio was very close to the action because of its proximity to the Gustav Line, a defensive position established by the Germans to slow down the advancing Allied forces. Pettorano’s geographic coordinates and its major transportation corridors, motivated the Germans army to set up a post in this locale. As the results of location and the German army presence, the town is rich in war history, including the evacuation of 4,000 souls when a major offensive was imminent. Some of the evacuees scattered into neighbouring outskirts, but most of them fl ed into the mountains near the village, seeking refuge. I have also added another story, which I share with at least 3,000 citizen of Pettorano sacrifices endured by their ancestors.

I am in the process of purchasing the book to add to my collection of history from this part of Italy.  I will add some comments as I finish my reading.  A special thanks to Chris for sending me the note.  Also a special thanks to Mr. Santucci.  I would love to visit with him one day.  Enjoy your reading - Ciao!

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  1. Dear Chris:

    I suffered a stroke back in December of 2010. I am working to recover but unfortunately my writing capabilies are slow to come back.

    Hopefully in the next year or so my writing skills will come back sufficiently to be able to correspond with you.

    I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

    Sam Santucci