Saturday, October 15, 2011

Feedback Welcomed

Thank you for taking time to send me some feedback and notes. I recently received a note on a misspelled name. I was thrilled to know that others find the blog useful. Please continue to send me notes, news, corrections and photos. I would love to post your family stories, photos and history. Again, this is a project of love dedicated to our families. Thanks.


  1. I have an interesting story about the Steubenville part of the family. If you will contact me:

    Christine Weaver

  2. Hi Chuck! Hope this blog is still up and running. Just discovered it researching my family (Tristani). What is the best source of archives for Pettorano? Especially from about 1865-1920... Seems that all of the records I can find through stop around 1865...

    Thank you!
    Mike Tristani San Diego Ca.